42 Grand Cayman Blue Rock Iguana


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The E-mail of Mr. John Myers

Subject: Loved visiting your site the pictures are very nice

Hello Mr. Haitaman I also have iguanas I have
Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas I have attached
a picture of my male iguana.
His name is Lou his weight is about 11 pounds
he is about 3.5 feet long . He is very tame and
loves bananas !!! If I have a Banana in my hand
he will chase me around the house until he get it .
Have a great holiday season, John Myers

Lou is 3.5 years old.

Lou is 2 years old.

Lou is a Grand Cayman Blue Rock Iguana hybrid coming from the species Cyclura . His true scientific name would be Cyclura nibula lewisi . Cyclura are found all over the Caribbean island chain -Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Cuba , Jamaica ect . Lou comes from the Cayman Islands. Cyclura are simular to Green Iguanas in many ways but I will point out some of the differences. Cyclura do not get as long as some Green Iguanas do Green Iguanas can get upto six feet long Cyclura are more bulky get up to 4 feet long but some cyclura get up to 22 pounds in weight . Life span- I just read an artical that said Green Iguanas can live as long as 28 years old . Cyclura have been known to live as long as 40 ro 50 years . Some male Green Iguanas one month out of the year get real mean toward their masters because of breeding season . Never once has Lou done this but some species of cyclura are different .Some Rhino iguanas have very bad tempers and are very difficult to keep as pets.

I also have a female Cyclura I plan to breed with Lou and also have a Green Iguana Have a good day !!!!!!

Mr. John Myers and Lou

Good Iguana and Good Iguana Friend !  (1998.12.20)